H11 AuxLed Switch-Back Fog Light | 2 in 1


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Switch-Back Fog Light is a unique product by AuxLeds. This fog light comes with 3 in 1 color option. You have three different color options to choose from. By turning it On/Off you can change its color! 


Design: Switch-Back Fog Light comes with a built-in fan for heat dispersion. Full aluminum body. 


Colors: This product does not require any alteration or any wiring to change its color. With just OFF/ON you can change the color of your fog lights. 

  1. White 6000k 
  2. Amber/Yellow


Warranty: Comes standard with a 1-year replacement warranty.* 



Power: 35w

Chipset: CSP

Voltage: 10-24v 


What’s included: 

  1. 2 x ( AuxLeds| Switch-Back Fog Light Led Bulbs)
  2. Warranty Card
  3. AuxLeds Decal / Sticker


Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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